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My childhood dream to become a Voice Over Artist came to fruition in 1996.

While studying at The Academy of Radio in Perth Western Australia, I was offered industry experience on a rural commercial radio station. 

 I was then offered to work in a national networked radio station. I didn't complete my radio course but the experience, training and industry environment to be with so many amazing talented creatives, blew completing my course out of the water. 

I was then moved into every on air shift, became the first female announcer on HOT FM and I ran the HOT 30 Countdown.

This was fun.

I was interviewing artists such as , Aqua, Hanson, All Saints, The Whitlams just to name a few.

I remember announcing on air the passing of Princess Diana and sadly later on, Michael Hutchence. It was such a hard task but also felt honoured to break such news. 

The opportunity then arose to voice and act in daily production sessions

voicing commercials.

Now getting my voice out there naturally unfolded.

I knew then this was my chance to get into VO!

It was then, my demand as a voice over began.


Over the years, I've voiced for the major radio & TV stations In Perth, Western Australia .


Now as the industry has grown, so have my opportunities.

Nationally and globally.

For online, explainer, E-learning, telephony, imaging, characters, and recently gaming.

I also get to use my BIG voice for special events, as the 'Voice of God'! 


Being a fashionable gal, I always like to keep tabs on the pulse of VO trends.

Keeping in touch within the industry through travels over the years, both nationally and internationally, and with regular trips  to the USA where the heartbeat of VO emerges.

I also make time for consistent work with VO coaches.

It all keeps me in touch, and ever so inspired! 


In the booth, I feel totally immersed in each and every project I work on, and I love receiving positive feedback from the creative collaborations I work on. 

The outcome of the work we do together is a top class act and did I mention we have a blast in the sessions?

You got to have fun right?!

My journey as a voice over artist is such a privilege.

I love to use my voice to deliver a creatives' brand, vision, and 


It's what I do after all.


Wherever the industry flows, my voice has the ability and versatility to cover that demand.


Today, voice over is my business and the exciting journey continues.

I can't wait to work with you, voice your message and make your script and vision come to life.

See you in the booth!


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